About us

About us

Ecology Online was founded in year 1999. It was the time to be said to enter the century of environment. We started to share environmental news and ecological tips through internet.

Among the information we shared, there were some news about Tokaimura nuclear accident which is occurred on September 30th, 1999. Japanese famous musician Ryuichi Sakamoto responded to our mail-news. He joined our community online and started a group called artists’ power with us.

Tokyo metropolitan government wanted us to work with their renewable energy project. So we started a campaign called Tokyo solar city project. As a result we could make community based PV system “Hidamarina” in Odaiba Siokaze Park. 

For this campaign we produced a yuru-chara “Sorabea”. After the campaign we set up a charity called Sorabea Foundation with Sony and a national newspaper mainichi shinbun to promote renewable energy throughout Japan. So far over fifty preschools have received 3KW solar PV systems from the Sorabea Foudation. 

After experiencing Great East Japan Earthquake we set up Satoyama Energy Project. We started to support communities without electricity in developing countries such as Kenia, Madagascar and Sri Lanka. 

We have spent 18 years for spreading a message to enhance the renewable energy. This year we received one of the new energy award in Japan.