our mission

Our Mission

On March 11, 2011, we experienced Great East Japan Earthquake and Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. As we struggled to free ourselves from nuclear contamination, our colleagues in Fukushima called us to help their renewable energy project. Renewable energy became a hope for the people who experienced severe nuclear disaster. They told us they never give up their life in Fukushima. So we decided to help their challenge to use renewable energy for their future.

Great East Japan Earthquake gave us an indication for next step. Our modern lifestyle heavily depends upon electricity. When in disastrous situation, losing electricity make situation worse. In such situation there is no need of larger electricity. We only need such power as to switch a light, put on the radio, or charge a smartphone. We noticed that small solar PV and battery gave us enough power to do them. Nano power plant was born on this basis. It has become a popular tool to deal with disastrous situation such as losing light and power in Japan.

We still have Satoyama in rural area. Our ancestors planted trees and took care of the forest to make firewood and charcoal. They made fertilizer from fallen leaves. We called such forests Satoyama. Satoyama has been neglected since we had joined the fossil fuel economy. In developing countries there are many people who live without electricity. Our experience will be helpful for them. We teach them “Satoyama Energy”-modern energy such as photovoltaics, solar cocker and biogas which can extract energy without cutting trees.

This approach will be the best way to stop global warming and help eradicate poverty in developing countries.